RSM-SW(A) Shear Wave Tester

The RSM-SW(A) performs Shear Wave Testing. Shear wave, more formally known as “Angle Beam”, is widely used for Shear Wave Testing of site investigation and Microseism Testing of site investigation.
Product parameters
Model: RSM-SW(A)
port: Shenzhen
Trademark: RSM
Origin: Wuhan
Production Capacity: 100
Payment Terms: T/T L/C
Description Standard Configuration


RSM-SW(A) Shear Wave Tester

Model: RSM-SW(A)


Field investigation shear wave velocity test

Field investigation micro-tremor excellence cycle test


Applicable standards


Code for Seismic Design of Buildings  GB 50011-2010

Code for Investigation of Geotechnical Engineering  GB 50021-2001

Code for Testing of Dynamic Characteristics of Foundation GB/T 50269-2015




1、Floating point amplification technology

Amplification technology which integrates instant floating point with full floating point, high signal to noise ratio circuit design, take account into the undistorted acquisition of both strong and weak signals 


2、 Easy detection 

With high signal to noise ratio circuit design, it is easy to get shear wave signal; host touch operation, user-friendly interface, easy to operate;


3、Removable lithium battery

Long sampling time, to meet the long pulse test.



Master control form Basic frequency of low power embedded system: 1GHz   Memory: 512M
Operation method Touch screen operation
Operating system Linux
Sampling interval 40 ~ 20000μS
Recording length Five positions of 0.5k, 1k, 2k, 4k and 8k for adjustment
Magnification times Maximum 100000 times
Magnification MODE Amplification which integrates instant floating point with full floating point
Number of channels External trigger channel: 1; sampling channel: 3
Bandwidth  0.1Hz ~4000Hz
System noise <10μV
Trigger mode External trigger / internal trigger
Power supply mode AC power; built-in lithium battery ≥ 6h
Dimensions 340×270×70mm
Operating temperature -20~+55℃