RSM-DCT (D) Borehole TV Tester

  • RSM-DCT (D) Borehole TV Tester
  • RSM-DCT (D) Borehole TV Tester
  • RSM-DCT (D) Borehole TV Tester
Product Features
Higher Definition
Digital HD camera is adopted, and the imaging resolution can reach 1080p.
Higher Integration
On-site collection shall be done while preserving. Image mosaicking is completed after the collection is completed;
The mode of "see as you get" is adopted for image and result display, and the display is completely consistent with the print result.
3D Imaging
It can display the plane expansion diagram and the stereoscopic histogram. The stereoscopic histogram can rotate 360 degrees continuously.
Big View
Dual camera mode, variable side focal length, real-time and clear observation of hole wall signal output picture and video.
Tailor-made Probe
The shell of the probe is made of stainless steel and the cover is made of toughened optical glass.
Large Capacity Battery
Large-capacity battery, battery life ≥10h and removable.Can be equipped with a backup battery.
Technical Features
a HD digital camera probe is used for the RSM-DCT(D) Borehole TV Tester to observe the inside of the core hole or the inner wall of the prestressed pipe pile in real time. It is also used to record and extend the image within the effective image range of the probe, and save the images of the probe in video mode.
Master Mode:
Tablet wireless control
Control System:
Windows 7 and above
Camera Pixel:
Maximum Test Hole Depth:
Adaptive Aperture:
Φ60mm to Φ400mm
Probe Outer Diameter:
250X180X70 mm
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