RSM-PDT(D) High-Strain Pile Bearing Tester

  • RSM-PDT(D)  High-Strain Pile Bearing Tester
  • RSM-PDT(D)  High-Strain Pile Bearing Tester
  • RSM-PDT(D)  High-Strain Pile Bearing Tester
Product Features
Pile Driving Monitoring
With fast signal acquisition pace, the 60 hammers/min signal acquisition can be completed and the pile driving monitoring testing can be carried out in real time.
Strain transducer installation monitoring, automatic balance adjustment of strain bridge
Real-time monitoring of strain sensor deformation status;
Reduce the impacts of initial deformation of strain transducer on signal acquisition and eliminate the signal zero drift.
Intuitive Result
Analysis results by Case method, F-ZV curves and upper and lower traveling wave curves are displayed in the field.
Instantaneous floating point amplification technology
Compatible with the distortionless acquisition of strong and weak signals.
The three-dimensional correction function for shallow defect is owned and the defect can be located accurately.
Large Capacity Ultra-thin Battery
9mm ultra-thin large-capacity battery, battery life ≥10h and removable.Can be equipped with a backup battery.
Industrial-grade capacitive screen
Newly upgraded industrial-grade capacitive touch screen, smooth and precise operation, adapt to strong light environment.
Technical Features
Applicable standards:
Standard Test Method for High Strain Dynamic Testing of Deep Foundations ASTM D4945-17

Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations ASTM D5882-16
Number of channels:
PDA: four channels

PIT: one channel
Sampling mode:
2 accelerometers + 2 strain transducers
Piezoelectric accelerometer,
Strain transducer
Signal acquisition method:
Sampling interval:
PDA:50~500μs adjustable in stages

PIT:5~1000μs continuously adjustable
Frequency bandwidth:
Speed channel: 2~12000Hz

Strain channel: 0~12000Hz
265×200×56 mm
2.0 kg (including lithium battery)
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