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Warmly welcome the leaders of Wuhan Enterprise Confederation and Wuhan Entrepreneurs Association to visit Sinorock


The leaders of the Wuhan Enterprise Confederation, Wuhan Entrepreneurs Association Gao Yiqiong, Vice President Cai Haixiong, Secretary-General Sun Si, Minister Zhang Huiping, and Assistant President Zeng Hongfeng visited Sinorock to conduct research and guidance, and awarded Sinorock City The plaque of "Executive Director Unit" of the two associations.
Chairman Li Qi of Sinorock and Chief Engineer Dr. Yang extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the leaders of the two sessions of Wuhan, and led a visit to company, introducing the corporate culture and business development of Sinorock.


Sinorock has always been sticks to the innovation-driven and actively promoted advances the standardization of technical methods and instruments. Sinorock has won over 20 national invention patents and awards, and edited or co-edited over 20 national and industrial technical specifications, standards and regulations. 

Gao Yiqiong, president of the Wuhan Enterprise Confederation, highly affirmed the outstanding achievements of Sinorock in technological innovation and achievement transformation.By improving the level of scientific research management, enterprises have overcome the shortcomings of traditional enterprises' inadequate innovation capabilities and the inadequate ability to transform patent achievements of universities and colleges, and fully released scientific research productivity. Its experience is worth learning.

Chairman Gao said that the innovation and development of the enterprise is always on the road, and hopes that Sinorock will continue to attach importance to independent innovation. Wuhan Enterprise Confederation and Wuhan Entrepreneurs Association will also give full play to the role of the platform to do a good job in policy extension, resource complementation, learning enhancement, rights protection, etc., and promote exchanges and cooperation among member companies in independent innovation.