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ERTC-Sinorock Special Course on High-strain PDA Tesing of Foundation Pile Successfully Launched in Indonesia

In order to give back to customers in Indonesia for their long-term support for Sinorock, and to meet the vocational skills training needs of foundation testing engineers for high-strain PDA testing. Sinorock, together with Indonesian local ERTC, HATTI, Unika santo Thomas, and EACEF jointly held the "Special Course on High-strain PDA Tesing of Foundation Pile" on June 18, 2022. Thank you to all participating engineers for their support.

This training course is a full online course, and Qitao Zhang, a well-known expert in the field of geotechnical engineering, is invited to give lectures. The training content is closely related to the theoretical knowledge and practical operation of pile dynamic testing technology, which is closer to the daily work of the engineers. Combining theory with practice, it solves the problems and confusions encountered by inspectors in their daily work, and masters inspection methods through case analysis, so that every engineer can quickly get started with pile high-strain PDA testing.
Course content
Foundation Pile Dynamic Testing Technology
Theory and calculation
Site detection technology
Introduction of the equipment and settings
On-site Teaching of PDA Testing
Operation preparation
On-site operation
On-site data sampling
Data viewing and on-site analysis
Cases Analysis
Typical signal curve analysis
Engineering measured signal curve analysis
After the course, a certificate will be issued by the organizer, Sinorock.
This certificate is traceable and can be queried through Sinorock's official website:
On June 18th, more than 100 engineers participated in our online course and actively exchanged various issues encountered in high strain testing site with our expert.We answered some questions in detail during the limited course time. Soon, we will respond to all participants' questions, and we will reply all questions about the live broadcast to the engineers.

Finally, I would like to thank all the participants and partners for their affirmation and understanding of the work of this course.We will continue to actively improve the course design, optimize the training process, and enhance the attendee experience. Looking forward to meeting you next time.