RSM-PRT(P) Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester

  • RSM-PRT(P) Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester
  • RSM-PRT(P) Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester
  • RSM-PRT(P) Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester
Product Features
Dual-channel signal acquisition
It can complete single speed method test, double speed method test and transient frequency response method test.
Instantaneous floating point amplification technology
Compatible with the distortionless acquisition of strong and weak signals.
The three-dimensional correction function for shallow defect is owned and the defect can be located accurately.
Signal processing and on site analysis
The multi-hammer superposition in the field can be realized, the models re average and the analysis results can be saved in real time. Index magnification adjustment and index amplification start position adjustment can be achieved through field analysis. The defect location can be calculated, identified and corrected to 0.01m through field analysis.
Large Capacity Ultra-thin Battery
9mm ultra-thin large-capacity battery, battery life ≥10h and removable.Can be equipped with a backup battery.
Industrial-grade capacitive screen
Newly upgraded industrial-grade capacitive touch screen, smooth and precise operation, adapt to strong light environment.
Enterprise customization
Comply with international standards and support customized R&D.
Technical Features
Applicable standards:
Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations ASTM D5882-16
Number of channels:
Piezoelectric accelerometer and speedometer
Signal acquisition method:
Operating mode:
Single speed /Dual speed /
Transient frequency response mode
Dynamic range:
≥100 dB
Data export method:
265×200×56 mm
2.0 kg (including lithium battery)
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