RSM-SW(A) Shear Wave Tester

  • RSM-SW(A) Shear Wave Tester
  • RSM-SW(A) Shear Wave Tester
  • RSM-SW(A) Shear Wave Tester
Product Features
Original Technology
Instantaneous floating point, full-range floating-point amplification.
Accurate Sampling
High signal-to-noise ratio, ,balancing the undistortion of strong and weak signals.
Detachable Lithium Battery 
Supports the base charger;equipped with spare batteries to ensure uninterrupted work in the field.
Tailor-made Probe
Provided with a Parallel Seismic test probe with good wall sticking effect and high signal quality.
Large Screen Display
12.1 inch large screen display, clear on-site signal observation.
Enterprise customization
Comply with international standards and support customized R&D.
Technical Features
Field investigation shear wave velocity test
Field investigation micro-tremor excellence cycle test
Master control form:
Basic frequency of low power embedded system: 1GHz Memory: 512M
Operating system:
Recording length:
Five positions of 0.5k, 1k, 2k, 4k and 8k for adjustment
Number of channels:
External trigger channel: 1; sampling channel: 3
Sampling interval:
40 ~ 20000μS
Power supply mode:
AC power; built-in lithium battery ≥ 6h
Operating temperature: