RSM-JC5 (A) Static Load Tester

RSM-JC5 (A) Static Load Tester
Intelligent system, safe and reliable
Easy to operate, simple and practical
Universal compatibility
High-performance lithium battery with long battery life
Description Standard configuration Optional accessories
RSM-JC5 (A) Static Load Tester
Product Usage:
Compression test and static load test of foundation piles (single pile, group piles), foundation, rock foundation and the bottom of the hole;
Anti-pulling load test of foundation piles, anchor piles and anchors;
Static load test using the self-balance method.

Technical Specifications for Building Pile Testing (JGJ 106-2014)
Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Building Foundation Engineering (GB 50202-2002)
Code for Design of Building Foundations (GB 50007-2011)
Technical Specifications for Building Foundation Treatment (JGJ 79-2012)
Technical Specification for Building Pile Foundation (JGJ 94-2008)
Technical Specifications for Building Foundation Testing (JGJ 340-2015)
Technical Regulations for Foundation Treatment of Electric Power Engineering (DLT 5024-2005)
Technical Regulations for Foundation Treatment of Railway Engineering (TB 10106-2010)
"Standard Load Static Test Self-Balance Method" (JTT38-2009)
"Technical Regulations for Self-Balanced Static Load Test of Building Foundation Piles" (JGJ/T 403-2016)

Compliant with international and domestic standards and regulations for various industries and local standards

Technical features:
1. Integrated design, engineering plastic case, touch screen operation;
2. 8.4-inch real color LCD display screen is adopted with adjustable backlight brightness;
3. The host can wirelessly control the data box with an effective distance of over 300m.
4. The host is equipped with a detachable lithium battery, which can be powered by an external power supply. A single lithium battery can be charged to ensure uninterrupted power during the test. The data box is provided with built-in high-performance lithium battery, which can be directly powered by the 220V/380V power supply on site without charging.
5.High degree of automation, automatic loading, unloading, stability determination and reading, able to achieve entire unattended operation;
6. It features automatic alaring. The tester can realize real-time alarm function when multiple abnormal conditions happen, such as excessive or uneven settlement, over-extraction, over-range of displacement meter, displacement sensor failure, hydraulic system failure and insufficient pressure. Meanwhile, it can set the alarm warning value according to site conditions;
7.It can wirelessly monitor the field monitor by mobile phone.
8. Automatic double backup of data to ensure data is not lost;
9. Unique log supervision to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of data;
10.The instrument chart is displayed in the standard format, and various data curves, such as q-s, s-lgt, s-lgq, can be displayed on the site at the same time.
11. It is compatible with FM waterproof displacement sensor, digital capacitance grid displacement sensor and resistance displacement sensor;
12. Pressure sensors and load sensors can be selected for load test.
13. When equipped with variable frequency flow controller to control the oil pump, the single-phase 220V power can drive the three-phase oil pump.
14. It is applicable in many national standards, industry standards, local standards and individual self-creation and unloading methods.

Performance indicators:
Display mode Real color 8.4-inch LCD display (backlight adjustable) Input/output interface USB/serial port
Operation mode Touch screen (screen lockable) Power supply mode AC, detachable lithium battery, single lithium battery chargeable
Data backup Automatic backup Power 20W
Storage capacity 16G electronic hard disk Operating temperature -20 to +55
Communication mode  Wireless / wired Environment humidity 85%
Wireless communication distance 300m Dimensions 250×180×60mm
The number of wireless measurement and control points One Weight 1.8 kg (lithium batteries included)
RSM - JC data box
Displacement test channel 4 channels
Displacement range Single range of 50mm and the range can be accumulated for multiple times
Displacement test accuracy 0.1%FS
Displacement resolution 0.02%FS
Displacement power supply Directly powered by the control box. Battery replacement is not needed.
Load test channel Pressure/load
Pressure/load range 070MPa/0-100000kN
Pressure/load test accuracy 0.25%FS/0.5%FS
RSM-JC control box
Oil pump control Intelligent switch controller (variable frequency flow controller is optional)
Input power 220V/380V

Serial number Name Number Specification & Model
1 Static load tester 1 RSM-JC5(A)
2 JC data box 1 RSM-JC data box 4 channels yellow
3 JC control box 1 RSM-JC control box yellow
4 Static load communication connection cable 1 20m
5 Control communication cable 1 10m
6 Capacitive displacement sensor 4 Fp-50I (fasteners included)
7 Magnetic table 4 Special
8 Capacitive displacement sensor connection line 4 10m
9 Pressure Sensor 1 ST3000 0.5
10 Pressure sensor connection line 1 5m
11 CNC box Power input line(4-core 3-meter female connector) 1  
12 CNC box Power output line(4-core 3-meter male connector) 1  
13 Sucker antenna 1 433MHz
14 Rod antenna 1 433MHz
15 Three-way four-piece set 1  
16 Quick connector 1  
17 Power adapter 1 12V 5A
18 U disk 1  
19 Touch pen 1  
20 Yellow trolley case 1 host box
21 Yellow trolley case 1 Accessories box
22 Capacitive displacement sensor box 4 Blue

Serial number Items Specification Price Usage
1 Ultra high pressure pump station 70Mpa BZ70-0.4-
Unload -10L
63Mpa BZ63-2.5-
2 Double action hand pump 63Mpa SYB-4    
3 Separate jack 50t QF50--20    
100t QF100--20    
200t QF200--20    
320t QF320--20    
500t QF500--20    
630t QF630--20    
4 One pump four top unloading valve      
5 Capacitive displacement sensor Stroke 50 mm    
6 FM displacement sensor Stroke 50 mm    
7 Variable frequency flow controller 2.2kw    
8 Oil pressure sensor      
9 Manual oil pump      
10 High-pressure pipeline
(connector included)
11 Magnetic table