RSM-SWS Surface Wave Tester

  • RSM-SWS Surface Wave Tester
  • RSM-SWS Surface Wave Tester
  • RSM-SWS Surface Wave Tester
Product Features
Lightweight, Perfect Experience
The product features light weight and high portability.a firm imported chassis with aesthetic appearance is used.
Stable Performance
Real 24 bit A/D, simultaneous signal acquisition in 24 channels, with a minimum sampling interval of 10μs. rnThe complete equipment is sealed tightly. Industrial-control level motherboard is used.
Fearless of the Extreme
High noise-signal ratio, strong anti-interference performance.The product is designed with anti-vibration, moisture-proof, and dust-proof capabilities.
10 Hhours of Continuous Work
The meter is provided with a built-in rechargeable battery, which allows continuous operation for 10 hours. It can also be connected to an external battery to meet the needs of on-site surface wave detection.
Convenient operation
The acquisition interface is nice in appearance and allows easy operation.
Enterprise customization
Comply with international standards and support customized R&D.
Technical Features
Probe the thickness of the overburden and divide the sedimentary sequence of the unconsolidated strata.
Probe the bedrock depth and undulating form of the bedrock interface, and divide the weathering belt of the bedrock.
Probe the structural fracture belts.
Probe the underground buried objects, ancient tomb relics, caves and goaf.
Probe non-metallic underground pipelines.
Probe the sliding belts of the landslide and the undulating form of the sliding surface.
Display mode:
Displayed via a notebook PC.
Operation system:
Suitable for WindowsXP-Win8
Communication mode:
Channel number:
24 channels
Triggering mode:
External and automatic triggering
Sampling interval:
10-16000μs, adjustable
3.5kg (lithium batteries included)